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Amy trained at the Boston Conservatory and the Martha Graham School of Contemporary Dance, where she received scholarships from the Gregory Peck Foundation and as a Finalist for the Coca-Cola Award for Artistic Excellence. Ms. Piantaggini is a former member of the Martha Graham Dance Company and the Martha Graham Dance Ensemble, in which she danced many soloist roles including “Satyric Festival Song” and “Conversation of Lovers”. Anna Kisselgoff of the New York Times said that Amy “made a luminous New York debut in Graham’s abstract view…” October 7, 1998. Amy has danced for the companies of Javier Dzul, Richard Move, and James Robey, and currently dances for Edgar Cortes Dance Theater.


Amy’s teaching experience includes numerous schools throughout New England including the Hartt School/University of Hartford. She received her MFA in Interdisciplinary Arts from Goddard College with a focus in early American Modern Dance. Ms. Piantaggini has taught yoga, Pilates, and conditioning for dancers, is a member of the National Society for Dance History Scholars and National Dance Education Organization, and serves on the Danbury Dance Initiative task force.  She established RCD as a charter for National Honors Society for Dance Arts in 2016.

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