Michele earned her living as a modern dancer in the 1970’s.  She studied and performed with Joyce Trisler, Daniel Nagrin and the Hartford Ballet.  After struggling as a starving artist, she earned a master’s degree in dance therapy followed by a doctoral degree in clinical psychology.  For the past thirty-five years she has worked in hospitals, mental health clinics and in private practice.  Her longstanding interest in the body-mind connection has led her to a specialty in working with persons with chronic physical pain. She has presented workshops in movement and nonverbal communication to clinical teams, business teams teachers and healthcare professionals.  She has taught Bartenieff Fundamentals and Effort/Shape to conservatory students and professional dancers.  

Dr. Gargan continues to take several dance classes each week, and she performs character roles for Connecticut Ballet.  She serves on the board of directors of the Ridgefield Conservatory of Dance.  She plans on dancing and being an integral member of the dance community until she is at least 105 years old.

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